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Well about me? I'm not sure where to start talking about me.
I don't see how i can sum myself up in one text box though.
How about I just say ten random facts?:
1. I Love Cats
2. I identify as a Kitsune
3. I love cheesecake
4. I make this face lots :3
5. My hair is the only thing preventing Armageddon from occurring.
6. I really love to play Madlibs (Anybody up for a game? XD)
7. I actually like Brussel sprouts
8. I bake the best Apple pies you will ever have.
9. I sometimes make cookie dough or cake batter, but I dont bake with it; I eat it :3
10. I have like 50 stuffed animals xD
So as we all I know I suck at sitting down and writing things on a regular basis xD
When was my last upload? Yeeaaaaah... When was my last series? Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah.
So, I've been playing a lot of Persona 3 lately... and I mean ALOT. I LOVE that game. Very deeply. It's defiantly in my top 10 favorite games...not sure WHERE it is, but it is there.
I'm not saying I want to do a Persona 3 Fanfiction per sayyyy buuuuuut I would like do do something Persona related.
The first one is plugging in OCs from you guys and having them all interacting in some drama thing I guess. Idk it sounded better when I was at work today-*looks at time* yesterday.
Another idea I guess is Persona with Hellsing characters >> Yay? Again, no clue how that would work.
I guess we're looking at a drama heavily based off dialogue, the social links...yes all the major arcana from tarot cards, and then some action chapters thrown in here and there.

So THAT being said. Please for the love of God give OCs XD If you've never played a persona game, do it NOW. You have a psp? Yeah go get it on psp network. You got a vita? Yeah, get persona 4. I havn't played the forth yet but I DOUBT it is anything less than good. The third one is the one I played sooo yeah...anyway.
For those of you that are familiar with persona"
 please leave an OC if you'd like^^ 
For those of you who don't and WANT an OC in this:
  Just note me some details or leave a comment about the character and I'll see what i can do. They need a good backstory and a life leson to learn though. You can go look up the major arcana's of tarot cards (Fool, magician, etc) and tell me which arcana you want the OC to be.

Again, idk if I want it to be Hellsing ish toooo or what. If so, then a lot of arcana will be filled... or i could just leave out many characters xD
Anyway, um... Isaac gets Death >>  Nuff said... also he's kinda Fool... and Tower actually because of A LOT of sudden changes but it's not quite as chaotic. The change is more on the transition and transformation of Death but the suddenness of The Tower...or so it seems to outsideers XD. Idk his talk about it is going to be hilarous xD I'm not giving his persona away or anything but yeah xD deep down he is Death but he can EASILY be mistaken for another set : P but again, wait till the story >> as of now, pretend it's a really BAD reference to outbreak xD

Alright so here's a list of the arcana and who gets who. suggestions for hellsing characters that properly fit a arcana leave a comment... and OCs of course. lots and lots of OCs XD

0 Fool -
1 Magicain -
2 High Priestess -
3 The Empress-
4 The Emperor-
5 The Hierophant-
6 The Lovers-
7 The Chariot-
8 Justice-
9 The Hermit-
10 Wheel of Fortune-
11 Strength-
12 The Hanged Man-
Taken 13 Death- Isaac
14 Temperance-
15 The Devil-
16 The Tower-
17 The Star-
18 The Moon-
19 The Sun-
20 Judgment-
21 The World-
  • Listening to: Gremlins Theme Song
  • Reading: My unpublished work
  • Watching: OfficialNerdCubed
  • Playing: GOD
  • Eating: Stove top stuffing I got for Yule
  • Drinking: Peppermint Tea

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